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Ass Masturbator – Yotsumeya Kikuka Zekke Ass Masturbator

Ass Masturbator Yotsumeya Kikuka Zekkei Buttocks Onahole

The Yotsumeya Kikuka Zekke  Onahole is a full buttocks shaped Ass Masturbator. This amazing onahole is made with a new super tender texture thet feels just as soft as a cute Japanese girls ass. These large sex toys are nothing new. Way back in seventeenth century Tokyo (or Edo, as it was then known then) there was an adult paradise known as Yotsumeya, which sold handmade sex aides for the horny city population. This series of ass masturbator by EXE recreates those classic toys in all of their glory.

Ass masturbator Yotsumeya Kikuka Zekkei

Take a look at the diagram above, this ass masturbator has four different pressure points inside it’s long, tight passage that will stimulate every inch of your penis. Add a little lube and indulge yourself in the cute backside of sexy young Japanese girl. And remember that as you do you’re holding a piece of history, and an ass to die for every time you use it!

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Mika Osawa Meiki – Japanese porn star buttocks Anal Masturbator

Mika Osawa Meiki Ass Onahole

Japanese porn star Mika Osawa has had a meiki masturbator created with such detail it will surely amaze you. But what’s really nice is that your getting two hole for the price of one with a sumptuous buttocks to boot. Have fun, let loose and perform all of the sex acts that you’ve dreamed of having with sexy litte Mika.

Mika Osawa

Mika Osawa


Let Mika sit on top of you and slip into either hole, dipping deep inside as the mood takes you. Front end or back, from behind or below, there are numerous different positions and techniques you can try with Mika’s meiki. The vagina meanders in graceful, stimulating curves, while that ass will be long and tight, packed with nubs all the way down.

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