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Petite Japanese Sex Doll – Anne

Petite Japanese Love Doll

The petite Japanese Sex Doll, Anne, is part of the hanbun or “half-size” ladies created by adult toy maker A-one. This new series consists of three lovely Japanese sisters, Anne being the oldest.

Anne is still a shy young girl who needs your attention and perhaps a little tutoring. Treat her properly and you will be rewarded many times over. She comes to you wearing a garter belt and cute babydoll dress. Underneath she harbors a soft, amazing body with breasts to die for.

She is in a fixed pose with a movable neck and includes a wig of gorgeous wavy hair. Doesn’t she look inviting while lying on her back. Insert your favorite onahole and sweet little Anne is destined to become the petite Japanese girl of your dreams.

Petite Japanese Sex Doll

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Silicone Love Doll – Life-Like Asian Torso


This life-like Asian Love Doll  is sure to please even the most discriminating among us. She is made from the highest grade silicone available and sports an F cup Bust that is so natural you’ll swear she is breathing.  Her torso is perfectly shaped, about 22 inches tall  and  weighs 23 pounds . With so many options available this Love Doll is literally “made for you”.


Look at the detail that has gone into this beautiful Love Doll. Nothing was missed, from her perfectly shaped breasts, sexy little belly, beautifully arched back and perfectly sculped buttocks. And wait until you feel her, you’ll swear you were touching a sweet young lady.

Silicone Lode Doll -Torso F Body

You can customize your love doll  by choosing between fourteen different faces (we’ve posted eight below) as well as diffent hair styles. Some dolls  have special features, Hatsune has moving eyes and Yuma, Hatsune, Monroe have open mouths.  Add as many as you like and  can come home to a new girl every night!

Love Doll Body F


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Love Doll Petite Jewel – Fully Customizable Japanese Love Doll

Petit Jewel Japanese Love Doll

The Love Doll Petite Jewel series, is a fully customizable Japanese Sex Doll.  It is made  of 100 % silicone in one complete piece by the leading premium love doll company, Orient Industry. Her skin is soft and supple, not sticky or rough at all. The Love Doll Petite Jewel is as close as you can get to the real thing, right down to flexible and movable finger and eyes. If you are looking for a fully realistic doll that looks entirely Japanese, then those made from Orient Industry dolls are the way to go.


There are two different body frames to choose from, free and grip. Do you want your Love Doll Petite Jewel for modeling? The “grip” body has tighter joints that can be moved and kept in that position for the best poses. This is ideal for taking photos, or simply for have more secure positions. The “free” body is less tight, for those who want a freer, more flexible companion.

And that’s only the beginning, you can select  different bust sizes, choose  from ten different faces, two different style body holes and even her underhair, black, brown, thick or trimmed. The combinations are endless. So what are you waiting for, start designing your model of youth and perfection that will bring you happiness day after day.

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